ruan hoffmann - postcards from myself

cle ruan installation bool3 cropstartlingly colorful and whimsical patterns, ruan hoffmann's latest series are encaustic cement tiles created for clé. they evoke memories of ruan's moments from life; past travels, lovers, & favorite places...visited oceans, swum in. 

"the original art for the tiles were painted on "postcard" sized paper stock- a series of postcards from myself about my life."

postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann

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  • ahar
  • splash
  • amsterdam express
  • fireworks
  • bio circuit
  • cha-cha bird
  • indian ocean
  • ebb & flow
  • havana rose
  • love buzz
  • istanbul wave
  • louis x
  • isfahan
  • mougins
  • no.8
  • postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann for clé- midnight blue, light blue, white
    snake charmer
  • postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann for clé- midnight blue, cerulean blue, white, red
  • postcards from myself by ruan hoffmann for clé- midnight blue, white, red
  • super star
  • splat
  • whirlpool
  • ping-pong
  • sainte chapelle
  • samurai
postcards patchwork

singular patterns of postcards from myself are elegant and artistic. but in a patchwork combination...the words that come to mind are extravagant and most definitely- provocative.

ruan hoffman postcards patchwork


pricing for postcards from myself:

available in encaustic cement format in 8"x8" with the strong graphic punch inherent with this highly trending but historical tile making process. perfect for floors or walls- they are unlike any cement tile you'll ever experience and a can't miss for applications in need of one-of-a-kind style.

8" hand lithographed cement patterns-

$39.95 per SQUARE FOOT
  • for orders less than 100 SF - add 15%
  • full box orders only (12 pcs or 5.3 SF)
  • all orders are hand-lithographed and require a minimum of 4-6 weeks lead-time






wet wall

wet floors

water submersible

floor rating











*conditional based on applications

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