glazed and confused?

clé introduces our new modern take on the historic cement tile.

Posted on Thu, Jul 16, 2015

it's rare to find a tile with as much versatility and design flexibility as cement tiles. they can be specified for nearly any and every tile project.

(coppola's enchanting palazzo margherita, story here)

but perhaps the single most significant item of interest about these tiles is that even though they appear to be a new interior fashion find, cement tiles have actually been a classic tile feature in other countries for over 150 years.

that's a long time to study the capabilities from both the design and the functional perspectives of a surface. if you've ever traveled abroad, the chances are good that cement tiles have been a part of your favorite architectural setting. and today, it is still a prized surface used by the most discerning and creative design professionals.

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clé springing black and white all over april...

Posted on Thu, Apr 02, 2015

much appreciation to consort design and domain home for including our checkered past cement tile in this amazing black and white self-described "urban chic" house for fall out boy guitarist  - joe trohman . a fireplace has never looked so good!  (click here) 

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much appreciation to remodelista for their origins feature...

Posted on Tue, Mar 17, 2015

what a fun surprise! thanks remodelista and meredith swinehart for including our amazing forrest lesch-middelton's origin alborz with other beautiful craft tiles collection (click here)
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Tile Envy: We have a book!

Posted on Thu, Mar 12, 2015

we have a book! thank you for introducing our book Tile Envy, to the world. our introduction has been gracefully paired with beautiful tile photos from the archives of vogue magazine. (click here) many thanks to mieke ten have, vogue home editor.

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ruan hoffmann art tiles lookin' good with anthropologie...

Posted on Thu, Mar 05, 2015

our good friend and clé artist, ruan hoffmann, charms everyone he (and his artwork) meets. if you haven't had the pleasure of a ruan introduction - here you go! (click here) Read More

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a new art tile equation with clé + timorous beasties...

Posted on Wed, Feb 25, 2015

the illuminating team at Global Lighting makes for some incredibly en-light-ening fixtures as well as prose.

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timorous beasties in the house...and ready for yours! thx elle decoration SA.

Posted on Mon, Feb 02, 2015

one of the highlights of 2014 was the introduction of the amazing partners - alistair mcauley & paul simmons - of the renowned design team, timorous beasties. if you haven't heard of them- now's your chance (click here).

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new clé cement tile patterns, colors and stock now!

Posted on Tue, Nov 18, 2014

that's right! clé now has pattern upon pattern of moroccan encaustic cement tile -on hand- just in time to help you refine your dearest spaces into your dream tile project!


what does this mean exactly?

well, with over 50 different patterns (black/white/gray, as well as colored patterns and solids) there are plenty of our high quality, hand made, pre-polished, and pre-sealed moroccan encaustic cement tiles for your tile project.

that was a mouthful! however, that's just what we have-  a bunch of awesome, knock-your-socks-off cement tile that is ready to ship at a moment's notice. so don't let your project be caught without the best cement tiles available. we all know the time and resources it takes to pull off a new or remodeled project. it's great to know that you can order your favorite cement tiles for a "quick-ship" delivery, and that you can rely on these tiles for being the best possible quality for your project.

here's how you to shop this stock-

1) go to our cement tile home page (click here)

2) click on the red in-stock button that looks like this:

3) then shop to your hearts content!

please feel free to contact us via email -

or via phone- 415-887-9011

and we will be happy to help you bring your cement tile project into reality.

cement tile expert  


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Timorous Beasties art tiles in Vogue magazine

Posted on Mon, Nov 10, 2014

thank you! Vogue magazine for launching our latest series of art tiles from timorous beasties,  the talented glasgow design team formed by partners, alistair mcauley and paul simmons.

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art tile product of the year? thank you KBCULTURE awards 2014

Posted on Mon, Aug 11, 2014

since launching earlier this year, our watermark collection has been so kindly received - we keep pinching ourselves! thank you to all of you for letting us be your tile crush this year :)

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introducing: glazed and confused?

describe the imagefeel daunted by your tile project? or just want affirmation that your tile selections are parallel to your tile dreams?

glazed and confused? is the clé Q&A for any and all your tile questions, as well as fun tile tips to answer the questions you didn't know you had!

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