introducing: glazed and confused?

describe the imagefeel daunted by your tile project? or just want affirmation that your tile selections are parallel to your tile dreams?

glazed and confused? is the clé Q&A for any and all your tile questions, as well as fun tile tips to answer the questions you didn't know you had!

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glazed and confused?

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art tiles inspire tennis shoes?

jack purcells and clé watermark

not really- but kinda!

"origins" art tiles in residential building magazine...

cle forrest lesch middelton origins group V

thanks to residential building magazine for including forrest lesch-middelton's gorgeous art tiles  - origins - in their publication this month.

vogue, mama's, babies and clé...

vogue editor lawren howell with 2x6 zellige

makes sense to us!

tile pairing magic -black & white cement tile, zellige subway tile...

black and white hex cement tiles with 2x6 zellige

hexagonal black and white cement tiles? (shop here)

if that's not enough to turn your tile project into a masterpiece, try pairing it with clé 2x6 zellige subway tiles on the walls. for kitchens (floor and splash) or bath (floor and shower) - this tile pairing is the eternal classic for the eternally hip.

HELLO SOUTH AFRICA! clé art tiles makes it to your shores!!

describe the imagethis month we're very honored to be featured in elle decor - south africa!!

besides having some of the most cutting edge art, design and talent - let's face it, south africa is just a magical realm of natural beauty.

cement tile debut - "big al" paired with translucent blue zellige

new cement tile - big al - makes it's debut

our newest pattern - big al - is b-r-e-a-t-h-t-a-k-i-n-g! yes?

chillin' with some cool breezy art verdigris style.

gold verdigris stroke from watermark collection

it's no question that our art tiles series- watermark - has made an enormous splash around the world. this month, included in Interior Design magazine spring tabloid as well as Architectural Digest - Germany, we couldn't be more pleased to see our tiles seen around the globe.

a new way to play with clé! cement tile, zelliges, art tiles & pups!

instagram feed with clé

ok, so we're a bit late coming to the party! with a popular blog (tile envy), facebook page (daily tile), pinterest (see here) and of course twitter (@tileenvy)...

a double-whammy! Interior Design Spring Tabloid features clé. twice!!

Interior Design spring tabloid 2014

in this seasons 2014 Interior Design Spring Tabloid, clé art tiles & cement tiles both get a feature. that's a whole lot of whammy!!

World of Interiors, features clé watermark collection of art tiles.

World of Interiors june 2014

thank you, to revered British design magazine, World of Interiors, for including clé watermark collection of art tiles in their recent june 2014 edition!

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