cement tile: colored patterns

saturated and powdery-soft color blends make these moroccan-inspired handmade encaustic cement tiles colorful in an incomparable manner. at once, extravagant and rich, select these patterns as the stand alone design element in your room, or let them sit beneath your other impeccable furnishings to add character and a modern edge. more is definitely more with our color-full cement tile collection.

but don't stop with our color combinations! with a color palette filled with dozens of on-trend colors, you are sure to find your own signature colors, if those below aren't grabbing your attention. just visit our custom page (here) and pick your own combination.

please click on the thumbnails to view enlarged images.

    four leaf clover  four leaf clover         big spin  big spin         big al  big al         diamond twist blue diamond twist    
    modern roman holiday blue  modern roman holiday         New Call-to-Action   marrakech terrace         New Call-to-Action  flower power         New Call-to-Action  industrial milan    
    New Call-to-Action  london apothecary         New Call-to-Action  los feliz           New Call-to-Action  wonderful copenhagen         New Call-to-Action  fashion runway      
    New Call-to-Action  paris bistro         New Call-to-Action  space kitchenette         New Call-to-Action  casablanca cafe           New Call-to-Action  checkered past      
    New Call-to-Action  link         New Call-to-Action  starbright         New Call-to-Action  rotisserie         New Call-to-Action  star wonder    
    New Call-to-Action  isleno         New Call-to-Action  isleno d           New Call-to-Action  cross           New Call-to-Action  coin      
    New Call-to-Action  circle-square         New Call-to-Action  checkmate         New Call-to-Action  centro-star         New Call-to-Action  four-square    
    New Call-to-Action  cafe de floorn         New Call-to-Action  interlock         New Call-to-Action   harold         New Call-to-Action  pool room    
    New Call-to-Action  big dane         New Call-to-Action  50s manhattan         New Call-to-Action  cigar shop        

*important note- clé cement tiles arrive to your project PRE-SEALED and PRE-POLISHED for the added protection of your cement tile project!

8"x 8" squares-

solid color - $12.00 per SF (or $5.33 per pc)
2 colors -  $13.00 per SF (or $5.77 per pc)
3 colors -  $14.00 per SF (or $6.22 per pc)
more than 3 colors -  $14.50 per SF (or $6.44 per pc)
8" hexagonals-

solid color -  $13.00 per SF (or $4.73 per pc)
2 colors -  $14.00 per SF (or $5.09 per pc)
3 colors -  $15.00 per SF (or $5.45 per pc)
more than 3 colors -  $16.00 per SF (or $5.82 per pc)

in stock patterns in cement tiles
if tiles are in stock- they can ship in 48 hours. if they are not in stock, please allow 8-10 weeks.

custom tiles are available. please contact for more information.








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royal alhambra

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sales terms


please enjoy the variation of color and design within your handmade encaustic cement tiles from clé. this is a result of the handmade process and the nature of cement. the reason you are buying tiles, in general, is due to your love of variation in your surfaces. like stone, hardwood and all other natural surfaces- no two tiles will ever be exactly the same. if you want exact- clé is not the place for you.

when you receive your tiles you must:

1) mix tiles from different boxes prior to setting. this will blend the inherent variations for a beautiful, naturally rich appearance. variation details can be seen close-up, but will be invisible when installation is completed.

2) to ensure the best color match, place orders for all quantities to complete the installation, including extras. We highly recommend adding 10% of extra for any broken pieces during shipping and the installation process. to be on the safer side- we suggest 15% to allow for a potential repair in the event of a future mishap to your tiles.

REMEMBER!!! as with all clé tiles- installation of our products means acceptance and absolutely no returns and/or exchange will be accepted.

order policy: after receiving your order, a detailed approval form will be forwarded to you to verify the accuracy and details of the order. no order will be processed without your signature giving us the go ahead to produce your tiles as per your instructions. this is your opportunity to make any changes before we begin production.

payment terms: we must receive payment-in-full once you have approved your order.

order lead times: your order will proceed to production once we have received your signed approval form and payment. both items (approval and payment) are required to begin production. from this date, most orders will be shipped within our standard 6 to 8 weeks period. custom orders may take up to 8 to 10 weeks, please always check availability and estimated delivery times. for special designs or colors, please check cost and development lead-time with our office.

order cancellation policy: due to the fact that we do not stock inventory of custom designs, we cannot accept order cancellations after production has begun.

shipping and handling: we can estimate shipping costs on your invoice. you will be billed for the freight cost and any cost that exceed the estimate quotation. we make every effort to make an accurate estimate of shipping cost.

we take great care to ensure satisfactory delivery of customer orders, however, we cannot accept liability for damage during shipment. we do not accept responsibility for lost working time in the unlikely event of a delivery being delayed, or for being incorrect.

damaged merchandise: all products leave our dock in good condition and properly packed. all claims for damaged and broken merchandise must be made through the carrier. if shipping was arranged through our carrier, you must notified the carrier about the damage, take pictures and notify us immediately to follow up with the claim.

customer is responsible for the inspection of all material when received, take note if any external damage to the cases, pictures need to be taken and you must notify shipping company immediately after receiving material.