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cle notes

the power of grout

if you think grout is just an add-on product for your tile then think again. while we like to point out that your tile installation is only as good as your tile installer, the color of grout you choose to pair with your tile selection can make (or break) a project. earlier...

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The Modern Brick Guide

Liberty: the glamorous subway (but still a brick) the glamorous subway—clé’s liberty collection offers an array of deep, glamorous colors inspired by early nineteenth-century, urban new york. drawing on the modern feel of this era of industrialization and urbanization, this hard-working thin-glazed brick is a standard, masonry brick, a size preferred by architects...

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the alluring alchemy of eastern earthenware

clé’s eastern earthenware line is a celebration of the power of fire and clay and the primal transformation that occurs when the two combine.   unlike the uniform glazes of tiles fired in gas or electric kilns, eastern earthenware is heralded for its variation in color, shade and surface texture. its exquisite surface...

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clé installation: Just the AFTER // Client Black Houses are the Best Houses

design: amber interiorsphotography: tessa neustadtoriginal post: amber interiors   get the look: shop tiles featured in this project  

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terracotta tiles... a re-emergence

clé has a long-held devotion for tiles of terracotta origin. a humble clay, traditional terracotta requires few alterations and in its best form goes almost straight from the earth into the kiln. clé began selling terracotta from its inception with the introduction of ZELLIGE, the traditional, glazed moroccan classic, swiftly followed by...

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