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six tips to installing cement tile outdoors

thinking of tackling a tile project outdoors? here's a round up of several points to consider before installing your tile. 

1. some colors fare better in the sun than others. with extreme heat, it is fine to use in an area that is covered, however when exposed directly to the sun, blue, green and aqua are particularly susceptible to fading. we recommend sticking to more neutral shades.

2. seal your tile. how you seal your tile makes all the difference both in appearance and protection. there are several sealing options for outdoors and we recommend using a penetrating sealer, like miracle 511 porous plus. a penetrating sealer coats the cement particles inside the tile, making it less likely to retain stains. the result is a natural and invisible finish with the added benefit of making the tile waterproof.

3. outdoor tiles require additional maintenance especially in regions where the weather is variable or extreme. plan on resealing your tile annually at the end of the summer season before you winterize your outdoor space.

4. if you live in a freeze-thaw zone you will need to use a waterproof sealer (this is covered with miracle 511 porous plus). check out our notes on freeze-thaw here.

5. you may want to consider adding a top coat sealant for additional protection, especially if you have potted plants or leaf debris that may cause the tannins to discolor the tile. 

6. cement tiles are great as a pool surround. use a penetrating sealer to make your tile waterproof and for extra protection apply an acrylic concrete surface sealer on top.

for more detailed information check out our resources on the sealing and maintenance of cement tiles.


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