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monday mention - quality cement tiles for economy projects!

2018 is here and it just got better!

after all the fanfare surrounding our beloved and somewhat lengthy run of holiday celebrations- we humans tend to greet the new year by replacing the indulgences and glitter of those recent festivities in favor of :
- getting into shape and cleanses (instead of consumption) 
- jeans and t-shirts (instead of gowns and tuxedos)
at clé, we love this time of year. it's an opportunity to refocus on the basics...
and to kick off the new year we are pleased to announce a new addition to our basics collection!


for those of you who only know clé for our artisan-made tiles, our basics collection was created for all installations that need both designer tiles (cement, terracotta, zellige, glazed brick etc) as well as the basics. we like to refer to them as the "jeans and t-shirts" of our clé collections-

  • subway tiles 
  • penny rounds





now, clé is thrilled to have all basic cement tile patterns priced at $8.75 per SF to support your budget-conscious projects. at $8.75 per SF, we know these specially selected patterns will be in high-demand, therefore, we have also made them available in -stock. 

quality cement tiles for $8.75 per SF? yes, that's worth repeating!
please see this limited collection below-

you'll be pleased to note that in 2018 we will be adding to our basics collection with great new series like this, more affordable cement tile series. additionally, be sure to wait for announcements for our new white marble (carrara) essentials series and a white glazed brick series developed for all your projects and especially those in need of some affordable glazed brick surfaces! 


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