coming to clé in 2020

by clé tile | published: Jan 27, 2020

coming soon to cle tile: new artist collaborations in 2020

at clé, we are always trying to stretch the boundaries of materials and forms that can be used on surfaces. in 2020, we will be expanding our offerings with some significant new collections that redefine the concept of tile.

below are details on three of our most highly anticipated upcoming releases, including a signup form for each so that we can update you on the collections first.

the clé tile lustre bundle, including gold and platinum bejmat zellige tiles, on the floor

new gold + platinum zellige from clé tile: the ultimate neutrals

our collection of gold and platinum zellige tiles is an exquisite offering. each handcrafted tile is coated in a layer of 24 karat gold or platinum to create a unique surface. it is only through the use of these precious metals that such a rich, molten, metallic finish can be achieved. they will be available in three sizes: bejmat 2×6, hexagon and 4×4. for inquiries please fill out this form.

clé + de gournay

for this very special release, we have collaborated with de gournay, the british luxury interiors company noted for their exquisite wallpaper and fabrics. this summer, we will be introducing hand-painted porcelain tile panels that complement and enhance many of the company’s iconic designs, including the famed yves st. laurent chinoiserie reproduction. hand painted and glazed by de gournay’s chinoiserie artists in china, the panels are made-to-order.

clé tile + de gourney glass tiles

1970 glass works

this much-awaited line of glass tiles is an homage to david bowie’s finest decade and glam-rock psychedelia. this collection features over 50 colors in some of the newest, most dynamic tile forms. each of these are created either by being hand blown, hand formed and/or hand cut. all of these unique hand-made qualities with wildly-varying colors make this glass collection not only one of a kind, but also more like gemstones than tiles. sign up now and be the first to hear about its release.