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by clé tile | published: Feb 10, 2020

some of our most popular tiles have become instagram stars in their own right, with images making their way across the internet thanks to our partnerships with interior designers and devoted clé customers.

for those of you that have fallen in love with some of our iconic tiles online, we’d like to suggest some alternatives that we think are going to be the next big thing. for some of our top products, we have made some recommendations that look equally as good and could make your next tile project the one that everyone wants to emulate.

if you missed our alhambra/big al comparison, it’s a great place to start.



a couple of expertly designed bathroom installations of this tile in a herringbone pattern have made this celadon-hued plank a pinterest fave. its elongated shape lends itself to many installation options, and it is the perfect shade to see the tonal qualities of cement tile.


like the shape/size? consider another cement rectangle like kelly (top right), if you are more green-leaning. but if you prefer basil’s more neutral tone, try the same tile in metal, a mellow gray.

like the color? stick with basil cement and take a closer look at our solid hexagons (bottom right). like the rectangles, you still can get a geometric feel with a prominent grout color.



our thin brick tile combines rustic simplicity with everyday utility, and features surface variegation with a hint of zellige glamor. both of our whites (matte and glossy) are prized for their ability to be installed traditionally as standard brick would be, but also for ultra-modern creative installations that have generated thousands of instagram likes.


like the shape/size? consider these: liberty thin brick (top right) at only one inch smaller than modern farmhouse brick, this is a great option to get a similar look. for a glossy look, try liberty bergen. for matte, chatham is a great option.

like the color? consider this: solid white cement rectangles (bottom right), in 2×8, 3×12 or 4×8. our cement offers a variegated color range from tile to tile and will also give the same handmade feel.



federal blue is always an in-demand color, and its fun laser-like pattern can be installed multiple ways to create a truly personalized look. however, there are other options that fit the brief when it comes to color, shape and size.


like the color? consider this: zenith (top right) in federal blue with white. like radar, this tile features a graphic that can be installed multiple ways and provides the same amount of visual interest, albeit in an 8×8 square.

like the shape/size? consider this: solid hexagon cement tile (bottom right) in federal blue. the same shape, size and base color without the white pattern. if you feel a bit uncertain about radar’s graphic design but love the geometry of a blue hexagon, this solid is a solid choice.



this is a classic tile pattern that has adorned palaces, castles and common spaces around the world for generations. we have amped up the scale and the color, making this three dimensional box shaped pattern even more accessible and beloved.


like the shape/size/pattern? if you love this never-ending geometric cube party, but are unsure about bolder colors, have a look at the same pattern in a classic black + white + gray palette (top right). while more restrained, it’s a timeless pattern in timeless colors.

like the geometry of it all? there are many patterned cement tiles that feature overlapping shapes in multiple shades. our top suggestion is criss cross (bottom right) in federal blue + nautical blue + kelly + white. it will give a similar feel and color palette, but with a more triangular pattern.



this almost-ubiquitous moroccan gem is coveted for its imperfections in color and texture. the not-quite-white color lends itself to many color palettes (hints of beige, gray, blue and even pink can appear in its glaze) and it works equally well in designs from rustic to modern. if the look is becoming too popular, you have options to explore.


like the shape/size? consider this: moroccan sea salt zellige (top right). the same neutral tile with the same textural qualities and color variations as weathered white, but in a brighter white. it also comes in the same sizes: 4×4, 2×6, 2×2 and hexagon.

like the color? consider this: architects palette in blotter (bottom right). another handmade terracotta tile in a similar creamy off-white, only elongated.