for your consideration, part two

by clé tile | published: Mar 13, 2020

we are always amazed at the popularity of certain tiles and how designers and clients use them. the images they have shared have been pinned, liked and shared far and wide. if you like some of those popular looks, we would like to recommend some others that that fit the same brief and could make your next tile project the one that goes viral.

if you missed our last for your consideration, or our alhambra/big al comparison, take a look as you consider your options.



as the zeal for zellige continues to grow, so too is the embrace of all things natural. our natural zellige is our most organic tile: just raw clay dried in the moroccan sun, fired in a kiln and then hand trimmed. devoid of glaze, it showcases the inherent color and texture variations that are prized by those looking for something less uniform and machine-made.


like the color? if you prefer a similar unglazed terracotta, but want a bit more of a pop to your installation, consider the award-winning acanti rosato (top right) from our collaboration with fornace brioni. this handmade tile is three dimensional, offering a subtle pattern that will make your installation completely unique. it is also a recent award winner, taking home the best tile of the year from interior design magazine.

like zellige too much to change? why not break it up with the zio and sons + clé zellige mosaic collection. this mix-and-match collection consists of an octagon shaped zellige tile (just like the 4×4) with a bouchon. each piece comes in 4 colors and can be arranged to your wishes. shown, lower right, is natural zellige with weathered white bouchon.



we created the belgian reproduction line as an homage to the great open spaces of northern europe, using rich black terracotta to create a tile with refined rusticity that could work indoors or out. the puzzle pieces of the star and cross make for a classic installation that can help achieve many possible looks, from the rustic to the sleekly modern.


like the material? if the textural, aged nature of handmade terracotta is appealing, but you might not like the fitted shapes, we encourage you to consider another dark gray tile. our exclusive cotto grigio (top right), from our collection with fornace brioni, is a 6×11 rectangle, and can take the same grout and surface techniques as belgian reproduction.

like the geometry? if the idea of using fun shapes is what you are after, consider using our solid metal hexagon cement tile (bottom right). nearly identical in color, it will feel less rustic and a bit more neutral and versatile.

before you get that look – the one you have swooned over for months – always make sure you are aware of the other options. you could find yourself creating the next trend.