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announcing the launch of FOUNDRY FLATS

we have been on a mission for a while now, looking for an american-made thin brick, and recently discovered these FOUNDRY FLATS at a family run business with a long history of working with clay. sourced from materials located within 25 miles of the factory, our flats are solidly made with a rich clay body that reflects a color palette of earthy hues that run from a sooty, volcanic black to a mineral-flecked shade of honey.

the earth-toned flats lend themselves to a wide range of design from rustic farmhouse to modern ranch to edgy industrial. depending on how they are installed (herringbone, subway or stacked, for example) and how they are grouted, their mood and appearance can be altered dramatically. to read more about installation and grouting ideas, check out our latest blog post.

FOUNDRY FLATS come in two lines: STANDARD ISSUE, created to provide a more uniform surface, and FORGE, variegated surfaces with textural finishes. the line is also available as a FOUNDRY BLEND - a mix of both STANDARD ISSUE and FORGE.

to read more about brick and their infinite pattern possibilities check out our blog post on tile envy.


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