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getting into shape in 2018!

happy new year from clé!

this time of year the first thing in your inbox and on the news is usually advertisements along with myriad helpful tips on how we can all get into shape.

that’s because, traditionally, many of us have enjoyed all those wonderful holiday nibbles and then seem to resolve, year after year, to become a newer, fitter self. we’re right there with ya’!

here at clé we wanted to feature one of the best ways to get into shape in 2018. It also happens to be one of the easiest ways to find your shape!



though our solid cement tile shapes are available in ALL of our cement tile colors- it is our neutrals (black, white and assorted grays) that makes it easy to slip into the best shape.

with our lovely solid cement tiles in old classic shapes along with some of our more provocative new classics- you’re sure to find clé’s best-shaped cement tiles to make any and all tile projects (interior and exterior, too) well…ship-shape.



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