how to pair farrow & ball with your zellige tile

by clé tile | published: Apr 22, 2021

clé zellige is as traditional as it gets: made and glazed by hand, then fired in traditional kilns, just as it has been done for thousands of years. The science behind the firing produces not only a glorious gloss and surface texture, but also a wildly natural color variance. This is a characteristic of true zellige, and is to be expected and embraced.

However, we realize that might present difficulties in selecting a paint partner for your zellige installation, so we have paired our most popular zellige colors with a paint color from Farrow & Ball that best complements the overall colors and tones found in each tile.

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clé zellige farrow + ball

indian saffron babouche 223

golden henna india yellow 66

vintage rose sulking room pink 295

blushing mistress cinder rose 246

palace red rectory red 217

midnight port pelt 254

ancient sea ultra marine blue w29

cerulean cook’s blue 237

tea ceremony oval room blue 85

shattered pearl parma gray 27

tarnished silver plummett 272

sky bloom st giles blue 280

weathered white strong white 2001

sea salt wevet 273

riverbed sudbury yellow 51

scribes ink pitch black 256

charred cedar off-black 57

battled armor railings 31

tempered steel de nimes 99

fired opal stone blue 86

forgotten turquoise arsenic 214

cindered olive duck green w55

fallen citrus yeabridge green 287

secret lagoon vardo 288

Download our handy guide here