in the pink

by clé tile | published: Mar 22, 2023

design: ken fulk, photo: douglas friedman

cement roman palazzo mosaic (bundle)

it’s no secret that the color pink has a hold on us, and we’re pleased to see we’re not the only ones. the historical hue’s been popping up all over the runway and in noteworthy interiors in all our favorite shades—rose, blush, bubblegum, and, of course, ballet—and we are here for it.

why we love it: preppy, punk, uptown and downtown, somehow pink manages to be all things at once. the key? context. put it in a girl’s bedroom and pink is predictable, if not saccharine. but placed in a brutalist setting, pink becomes surprising, subversive, radical. no other color can do that the way pink can.

take a peek at all the looks affirming our love for what everyone’s calling “the new neutral,” with some inspirational pink palettes pulled from none other than our clé curations.

design: romanek design studio, photo: yoshihiro makino

earthy iridescence:

inspired by the patterns and depth of color found in natural elements, these looks let the materials speak for themselves.

lapidary etui petit mosaic sheet rojo alicante
strata linea stone planks
cement dolci terrazzo, torrone ii in argilla

design: studio ashby, photo: alexander james

uptown funk: 

it’s high tea with an edge. traditionally prim materials get remixed to look surprisingly new again. sophistication without the stodginess.

watermark wash in outer sunset
watermark dip in outer sunset

design: ken fulk, photo: douglas friedman

mixed and maximalist:

proof that there’s no such thing as “too much,” as long as each element has the right proportions.

radar hex in mocha + barn
cement roman palazzo mosaic
fornace brioni + cristina celestino

design: ursino interiors, photo: tim lenz

neutral statements:

it’s like grey, but more fun. using a versatile soft pink in place of more expected neutrals takes things from “that’s nice” to “ooh, stunning."

cement solid in mocha
mythology wildwood duo in paste + rose
eastern earthenware in cherry blossom

design: nickey kehoe, photo: jenna peffley

transcendent texture:

be it a hand-knit dress or handmade tile, ripples of variegation create the perfect “thrown together” vibe (that secretly took hours of careful planning).

zellige in vintage rose zio & sons + clé
vintage rose octagon + vintage rose bouchon

take a gander at every pink clé tile here…and just imagine the possibilities.