introducing zio & sons + clé

by clé tile | published: Jun 05, 2019

new york designer anthony d’argenzio wanted to create a place – just a quick train ride from the city – where time, light and space felt abundant and expansive; where creativity could bloom and art could happen on the spot. so he bought a century-old house in the quiet upstate village of hudson and transformed it into a multi-purpose studio that welcomes vacationers, creative professionals and anthony’s own team (from his creative agency zio & sons) with serene, inspiring spaces to gather, eat, sleep and work. called this old hudson, the property can also be rented as a location to shoot photos and films.

as he renovated the 1915 building, anthony was inspired by both the original detailing and the evidence of time’s passage there.

he chose materials that would respect the spirit of the place, including weathered white zellige tile by clé. “when i was designing the kitchen, where the weathered white was used, i wanted to give it soul and not use something that seemed too new, too contemporary,” he says. “i wanted to create an environment that felt unique, custom and one-of-a-kind.” the result was a space visitors and creative directors love so much it’s gone viral, with images posted and shared on instagram and pinterest and featured in design blogs, travelogues and magazines.

it only seemed natural that zio & sons would collaborate with clé on a zellige collection.

handmade in morocco, our first offering includes a 4″ octagon and 1″ square bouchon (dot) in shades of weathered white, moroccan sea salt, black and unglazed natural terracotta. two simple shapes. four neutral shades. myriad possibilities to make it your own.

to create a truly custom look, the collection also includes pre-assembled mosaic border — our first border ever in zellige — to frame floors, cap backsplashes and more. true to anthony’s philosophy of elevating simple materials and making what’s beautiful accessible, the zio & sons + clé the octagon/bouchon collection is meant to inspire love far longer than a season in the social media sun. “this is such a simple design,” anthony says. “it’s old-world inspired, handcrafted, texture-driven, and yet, still timeless.”