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our 5 last-chance-sale picks

here are a few of our stealth favorites - not to be overlooked.


black penny rounds: brilliantly slip resistant and easily cleaned, this everyday staple gives great visual texture to a space. The mounted tile is easily molded on rounded spaces and good for both floor and walls. pairs well with cement or to take it next level mix with our 2x6 ancestral iron


zenithone of our best sellers with infinite design pattern possibilities. it’s concrete so you can pretty much use it anywhere. pairs beautifully with our solid cement as well as black or white penny rounds.

rough jade: glazed terracotta - a mix of all the best new neutrals with the most muted shades of wheat, moss, murky blue, and foggy grey. perfect pairings : pickled oak, pewter, wicker and vintage velvet. tile pairing: oxford 12 x12 cement for the floor.

pale gray silver zellige: perfect for a bathroom shower or backsplash. anywhere you need a classic gray with some texture, this hand-chiseled terracotta will quietly elevate a space.

half moon: this is our mix-and-switch tile. pick your pattern and repeat or let loose and go with a random design. perfect for those looking for an edge of color without a big color commitment.


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