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cle notes — bejmat

is zellige right for you? the top 10 things to know about zellige and more

(left) design / photo: Studio McGee; (right) design: Becki Owens / photo: Rebekah Westover   1.  Firstly, how to pronounce zellige?  It’s easy. It rhymes with prestige - ‘zellij’.   2.  We love zellige, but it isn’t right for every design You’re thinking of buying zellige. You’ve seen the beautifully installed images...

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introducing the ultimate neutral

Launched in July, 2021, Gold and Platinum Zellige from clé is a dramatic addition to our line of natural zellige, and part of our maison clé* collection of exclusive tile offerings.  To create Gold and Platinum zellige, we took rustic handcrafted clay tile and hand painted it with a layer of 24...

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