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cle notes — brick

How to Use Grout as a Design Element in Tile Installation

Some of the most common questions our design experts get aren’t actually about tile. In fact, they revolve around grout. Surprising? Not to us, because of two key factors:  Grout is an essential part of the installation process, and Grout isn't confined to just installation. It can be so much more.  When...

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Whiteworks — Exploring Materials

A Different Dimension of White (above) clé's modern farmhouse brick in matte white, design: Sarah Sherman Samuel / photo: Stoffer Interior Photography Continuing our exploration of clé's Whiteworks — our extraordinary, expansive and passionately curated collection of white tile — we examine how different materials express different facets of white. Unlike your...

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clé conversations: Inside Tile Design with Elizabeth Ashley Homes

Chicago designer Elizabeth Ashley has been a long time fan of clé and is particularly enamored with the character and handmade quality of the tiles offered. When the not-so-run-of-the-mill nature of clé’s tiles challenged her installers, Elizabeth took it upon herself to do the research and legwork to ensure a perfect tile installation....

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clé conversations: Natalie Myers

In our “clé conversations” series, we recently sat down with Natalie Myers, the owner and design principal of Veneer Designs in Los Angeles. Natalie gave us a peek into what moves her as a designer, her mental inventory of the newest ideas, and why if “every blogger and their babysitter” is into a...

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Why clé Loves the Guild New California Collection

The launch of the clé Fundamentals collection was just the beginning of turning the clé Guild vision into reality. While Fundamentals delivers a cleanly classic look capable of making a contemporary statement, the next set of small batch glazed brick brings earthiness and varying pigmentation to the tiles. clé’s New California collection...

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Why Tile Grout Matters

Grout is typically seen as a functional element of tile installation, which is true. It does serve a functional purpose. But, there’s so much more to it than that. Tile grout doesn’t get the credit it deserves in terms of its contribution to the entire design process.  We’re hoping to change that...

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