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cle notes — cement tile

inspiring design: introducing our new roman palazzo mosaic

 At clé, we take our inspiration from so many places: fashion, for sure. Nature, of course. History and art.  Add artists’ studios to that mix. Particularly those in Roman palazzos. Case in point: Cy Twombly.  Twombly, a painter, sculptor, and photographer, is best known for the layered calligraphic, graffiti-inspired work that gained...

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cement tiles - everything you need to know from start to finish

    We have put together everything you need to know about cement tiles and rolled them into a series of easily digestible blog posts. So whether you are just beginning your cement tile journey or are about to place an order, these posts will provide you with all the information you...

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are cement tiles right for me? what you need to know.

  Since clé first launched cement tiles almost a decade ago, they have gained huge momentum. But these intricately formed and expertly handmade tiles still elicit a lot of questions. If cement tiles are new to you, rest assured that in other parts of the world they have graced the halls and...

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where to install cement tiles

(left) design: Traction Architecture / photo: Seamus Payne, (center) design: Christina Higham, photo: Vivian Johnson, (right) design: Dorothy Day   WHERE CAN I INSTALL CEMENT TILES? Is your installation for interior floors and walls? or exterior floors or walls? One of the most frequently asked questions when considering cement tiles is “where...

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cement - top installation tips: trim, grout + sealant

TRIM (left) design: HDR remodeling / photo: Open Homes Photography, (right) design/photo: Omgivning Arch/Interiors   DO YOU OFFER TRIM FOR YOUR CEMENT TILE? HOW DO I FINISH EDGES? At clé we follow the international model of no trim and highly recommend our clients do the same. Here are our recommendations for trim alternatives...

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ordering cement tiles

    Cement tiles are rated V2-3 for color variation, T1 for texture variation, more information is outlined in our tile variation reference guide. Prior to ordering, please take care to review our cement tile resource guide linked for you here.  Your installation is only as good as your installer.  Please have your installer...

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