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cle notes — cotto

capriccio. a new modern classic.

  What’s in the making of a modern classic?  At clé, we have some strong ideas about this. It needs to be grounded in history. It needs freshness and modernity. And it needs to be rooted in craftsmanship. And it will gently—but insistently—define its environment. That’s what makes it a classic.  ...

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Cristina Celestino: Avant Garde Traditionalist

(above) Celestino at Fornace Brioni headquarters in Italy Bold, geometric pattern play. Strong but muted colors in unexpected combinations. Veneration of materiality, texture, and craftsmanship. Classic and futuristic. References to culture and history. A gentle, wry humor. And utterly, quintessentially Italian.  These are the playful yet refined hallmarks of the work of...

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cotto: history made modern

Guilio Romano, a modern terracotta wallcovering inspired by Renaissance architecture. As purveyors of tile, we are–unsurprisingly–obsessed with clay. We’re experts on where it comes from, what’s in it, how it’s formed, how it performs, and how it’s used. We’re also extremely selective in what we choose to sell: some clays (and the...

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