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cle notes — installation

is zellige right for you? the top 10 things to know about zellige and more

(left) design / photo: Studio McGee; (right) design: Becki Owens / photo: Rebekah Westover   1.  Firstly, how to pronounce zellige?  It’s easy. It rhymes with prestige - ‘zellij’.   2.  We love zellige, but it isn’t right for every design You’re thinking of buying zellige. You’ve seen the beautifully installed images...

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cement tiles - everything you need to know from start to finish

    We have put together everything you need to know about cement tiles and rolled them into a series of easily digestible blog posts. So whether you are just beginning your cement tile journey or are about to place an order, these posts will provide you with all the information you...

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Why clé Zellige Tile Is *The* Zellige Tile

  Whether glazed or natural, zellige is a historic craft with unique attributes Choosing the “difference” with clé Zellige Tile “Authentic” has become a word that has special significance at clé. The concept of authenticity is not new for us, even though the term has become a marketing buzzword as the world...

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an installation pattern primer

our post on patterns to ponder for our various brick tiles showed several visuals of our favorite installation layouts. here, we aim to break down the most popular to help you plan your next installation of any rectangular tile, from our subway collection to various thin brick options. there are limitless possibilities for patterns that you can...

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