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cle notes — new california

In the Green

(left) cindered olive bejmat zellige, design: ADG Architectecture + Design / photo: michael wiltbank + ivan halper; (right) cement 4x4 square in leaf, design: Emily Farnham Architecture / photo: Yoshihiro Makino for Domino Magazine   At clé, we have a deep affection for the color green. In fact, we think it is...

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brick 101: humble, maybe. but not to be overlooked

(above) clé foundry flats bricks Spare a thought for the humble brick.  One of the oldest building materials, brick was first used about 9000 years ago in the Middle East. The first bricks were made of mud which was then dried in the sun for hardening. (This obviously limited their use to...

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Share A Cup of clé Holiday Cheer

It is that time of year: the season for giving, and we are feeling the spirit. The latest clé giveaway is here, and it’s a special one. If you have used clé in a recent project, we would love to see. Post a photo of your best clé tile installation on Instagram...

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The clé tile Guild: A Vision Realized

Like any good start-up, clé began in a garage. As a young business, very few knew the background. clé founder Deborah Osburn had been honing and refining her vision for decades prior, working with tile artisans around the world and modernizing the tile market by selling online - the first to do so without a...

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Why clé Loves the Guild New California Collection

The launch of the clé Fundamentals collection was just the beginning of turning the clé Guild vision into reality. While Fundamentals delivers a cleanly classic look capable of making a contemporary statement, the next set of small batch glazed brick brings earthiness and varying pigmentation to the tiles. clé’s New California collection...

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