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cle notes — terracotta tiles

earthy. refined. introducing listellos from fornace brioni+cristina celestino

Listellos are as raw as fired clay gets, yet their elongated form elevates this prima materia into a sophisticated plank. They strike that difficult-to-get-quite-right chord of ancient and modern, making these tiles ideal for adding character to a rustic environment or texture to a modern setting.  The tiles are formed from authentic...

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cotto: history made modern

Guilio Romano, a modern terracotta wallcovering inspired by Renaissance architecture. As purveyors of tile, we are–unsurprisingly–obsessed with clay. We’re experts on where it comes from, what’s in it, how it’s formed, how it performs, and how it’s used. We’re also extremely selective in what we choose to sell: some clays (and the...

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Watch: Celebrating 100 Years of Fornace Brioni

2020 was a big year for the small Italian terracotta tile maker Fornace Brioni. The company, located in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, which is noted for its rich clay deposits, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. This is the remarkable story of the Brioni family, founded by Giacomo Brioni who took...

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