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cle notes — white

Whiteworks - Exploring Color

White Isn't a Color. It's Every Color.  What is white? It seems like a straightforward question, but in the world of tile, it turns out, the answer is anything but simple. In every discussion of white, you'll find "experts" who opine that it's not a color at all, but rather the absence...

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Whiteworks — Exploring Materials

A Different Dimension of White (above) clé's modern farmhouse brick in matte white, design: Sarah Sherman Samuel / photo: Stoffer Interior Photography Continuing our exploration of clé's Whiteworks — our extraordinary, expansive and passionately curated collection of white tile — we examine how different materials express different facets of white. Unlike your...

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Whiteworks - the white pages

When we think of tile, it is often in hues we associate with ceramics—from warm earth tones to vibrant glimmering glazes and designs with endless pattern potential. But if you're planning a tile project, odds are good you're considering white. White tile is a perennial favorite of homeowners and designers alike for...

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white tile: from the basic to the artistic

clé was launched to share an appreciation of the rich history and diversity of tile in a way that europe (and beyond) has always done. in fact, our founder’s background in tile began as a way to challenge the ubiquity of that american stalwart: plain white tile. throughout the bulk of the 20th century, white ceramic tile was...

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