the clé eye: fall fashion week 2023—the NY/LON edition

by clé tile | published: Mar 03, 2023


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mythology foxglove shade duo in mallard and forest

watermark dip in gold verdigris

if you’ve followed us for a while you’ll have cottoned onto the fact that we’re big fans of fashion. you might even call us nerds. or at least passionate followers.

for us, fashion–rather than interior decor–is our favorite and most resonant touchstone (surprising for a purveyor of architectural surfaces). but it flows through everything we do, from the tiles we include in our curations (remember our fashion-inspired granny squares tile drop?), the way we structure our collections, how we pair tile, or the way we talk about it with our clients.

of course, fashion – fleeting and ephemeral – is quite unlike tile, which can last decades, if not centuries. but fashion is also that great barometer of culture and sentiment, not to mention a motherlode of inspiration in terms of color, texture, and materiality. much of the fashion we’re drawn to also celebrates increasingly-rare heritage and artisan practices, the kind we celebrate with every tile we offer.

so unsurprisingly, our february/march and september/october “watercooler” conversations involve a fair amount of deconstructing of what we’ve seen and what it all means.

here’s our take on what we saw. it just might inspire our next collection.

3.1 Phillip Lim

foundry flats standard issue in sand cast

zellige square in sky bloom

Thom Browne

mythology oz vibrant duo in nettle and abyss

lapidary cabochon short in calacatta gold

Brandon Maxwell

clé guild new california in bracken

grand place limestone in tabor


grand place limestone in angel

malachite (bundle) in malachite


mid-century mosaic (bundle) in white

lapidary etui grand in thassos

Tory Burch

zellige in ancient sea

clé guild new california in manzanita

Carolina Herrera

mythology foxglove shade duo in mallard and forest

clé guild fundamentals in matte black

marc jacobs

grand place limestone in barrow

pantry pavers in shale

Molly goddard

foundry flats forge in petrol

cement in granny squares

S.S. Daley

mythology wildwood vibrant trio in army, charcoal, paste

mythology dartmoor vibrant duo in forest + army

richard quinn

fornace brioni + cristina celestino rocaille shell in white

emilia wickstead

mythology wonderland shade trio in paste, roan, + glove

zellige in parched vellum


clé guild fundamentals in black matte

malachite in malachite


mythology salon shade trio in flame, chestnut, + prune

mythology foxglove vibrant duo in lapis + flame


clé calacatta gold

erica tanov + clé shimmer


grand place limestone in cartwright

lapidary cabochon grand in basalt (coming soon)

Proenza Schouler

modern farmhouse brick in black gloss

harris reed

zellige in scribe's ink

zellige in gold

modern farmhouse brick in bronze gloss

christopher kane

zellige in indian saffron

zellige in midnight port

pantry pavers in shale


belgian reproduction in flemish black

zellige in scribe's ink

zellige in platinum