the modern brick guide

by clé tile | published: Dec 5, 2018


the glamorous subway—clé’s liberty collection offers an array of deep, glamorous colors inspired by early nineteenth-century, urban new york. drawing on the modern feel of this era of industrialization and urbanization, this hard-working thin-glazed brick is a standard, masonry brick, a size preferred by architects for its modular ease of use. the liberty color palette includes matte black, deep shimmering blues, a rich moody green and a reflective gold, each coat of glaze revealing the texture of the brick giving it both glamor and heft. the liberty collection is ideal for a multitude of applications looking for a statement, including kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace surround, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, and more.

ideal for those looking to elevate their tile game and add a note of color to their interior. shop liberty


with modern farmhouse brick we set out to create a tile that would have all the reliability of the subway but with a little more character. we sourced a raw clay that would create some surface tension and subtle variegation both in color and texture. the brick’s elongated form at nine-and-a-half-inches long gives this thin-glazed brick a modern appeal that could work equally well in a mid-century interior or a contemporary, rustic home. This affordably priced brick comes in five colors with white available in both matte and gloss. modern farmhouse brick is quickly becoming a staple of designers who may have tired of subway but want something equally reliable with a little more character. shop modern farmhouse brick

cletile_modernfarmhousebrick_matte_white_6up_herringbone_grande cle-tile-encaustic-cement-rectangle-basil-modern-farmhouse-brick-bathroom-shower-wall-floor-design-jrcorleto-photography-virtually-here-studios-22.4×14.9-300DPI-HR-v1_grande

foundry flats is clé’s collection of american-made thin brick, produced by a family-run business. each brick is solidly made from a rich clay body created from locally sourced materials that reflect a color palette of earthy hues that run from a sooty, volcanic black to a mineral-flecked shade of honey. the earth-toned flats lend themselves to a wide range of designs from rustic farmhouse to modern ranch to edgy industrial. foundry flats comes in two lines: Standard Issue created to provide a more uniform surface, and Forge that features nubby, variegated clay surfaces with different textural finishes. this line is a reliable, affordable basic and works both indoors and out. the thin brick tile is perfect for clay lovers and those in search of a more earthy textured look. shop foundry flats