why clé loves the guild fundamentals collection

by clé tile | published: Oct 9, 2020

unglazed, freshly fired clé guild tile

When we first fired the Guild’s kiln, it was a monumental moment. A culmination of an idea, technology, and artistry that delivers on clé’s promise to its customers; an entirely new level of excellence.

After much contemplation and much experimentation, the result has been a line of thin glazed brick that clé founder Deborah Osburn says, “excites me every time I see the finest glazed brick in the world… and I get to see it every day.”

Through the merging of today’s most advanced technological capabilities and the long history of honoring artisanal processes, Fundamentals came alive.

Guild Fundamentals: Sophistication Manifested

The first collection to come out of the Guild was Fundamentals, a small-batch, hand-crafted tile that is truly sophistication manifested. The tile, featured in both white matte/white gloss and black matte/black gloss, gives a feel of luxury and significance without being conspicuous. Fundamentals have a gentle elegance, a design both elemental and evocative.

The unique firing process, using the state-of-the-art Blaauw kiln, combined with the purely natural composition of the glaze (stone powders, metal oxide pigments) allows for a richness and luminescence lacking in many of today’s glazed bricks.

White Matte

Fundamentals white matte offers a quiet freshness to the more basic staple white subway tile. The satin matte surface features very slight speckling. Foundations white matte provides the perfect subtle look for any design, whether modern or classic.


White Gloss

Fundamentals white gloss takes bright gloss finish to a new place. As an elevated alternative to gloss subway tile, its light speckling and slight tonal variations give the tile timeless character. Classic yet contemporary, this tile is timeless and enduring.


Black Matte

Rich. Deep. Moody. These are just three of the feelings conjured when considering Fundamentals black matte. The soft, dark lustrousness evokes a similar timelessness with the other Fundamentals, in a subdued, captivating way.


Black Gloss

Fundamentals black gloss tile possesses a delicate shimmer, balanced by a slight dimpling of its surface. Combined, the look conjures a weighty elegance that is deep and enduring. Much like its matte counterpart, the distinctive characteristics of this tile give it a rich maturity not seen in any other glazed brick tile.


The clé Guild: Best of Both Worlds

clé tile put thin glazed brick on the map many years ago, but Deborah’s vision didn’t rest there. Combining the best of both worlds – state-of-the-art ceramics technology and artisanal technique – the next chapter is here. With the introduction of Fundamentals, and the newest Guild collection, New California, the company is redefining the possibilities of thin glazed brick tile.