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bringing sexy black! get lost in the dark with these monochromatic clé favorites

there's a reason why we all have our favorite black t-shirt, shoes, jeans, sweaters, you name it... there's a reason we use the phrase"___" is the new black. it's because no matter where you look throughout time and space, black is classic. black, which is not technically a color but rather the lack of color, is visually heavy and therefore, its message is very strong. we associate it with power and authority, depth and mystery, simplicity and austerity.

because of its myriad meanings, it's also imperative to be mindful when using this strong color. whether it be a monochromatic, sleek black kitchen, an accent of glossy black tile around a fireplace, or matte black flooring in the bedroom - the uses are endless. check out the following clé favorites to find the perfect shade of you. 


black encaustic cement

looking for something both understated and on-trend to transform your surfaces? look no further than the chic simplicity of handmade black encaustic cement tiles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. the variegated color and earthen nuances of the pigments ensures that two tiles will never be the same. 

image credit | barbie palomino


antique terracotta in belgian black

our newest obsession - a stunning centuries-old material turned to the dark side. the tile is part of our french reproduction series of antique terracotta and has given life to the modest material by substituting it with the intense hues of blackened clay.  


subway & penny rounds in black 

we love subway and penny rounds in black, often referring to them as the little black dresses of tile; mature and confident classics that are easy to love. the essential subway tiles are a perfect fit in the kitchen while penny rounds are most classically used in the bathrooms - although you really can't go wrong using them anywhere! these staple tiles will add an unexpected monochromatic look to any space with lots of room to make the design your own!


zellige in scribe's ink 

deep and bold zellige glimmers and shines like no other! zellige truly is the tile of the moment and no other color will give your space as much bold elegance as "scribe's ink", which is made up by dozens of shades. the craft of zellige, or zellij, has been perfected by moroccan artisans since the 14th century but its beauty is timeless, which is why it has made such a resurgence in the design scene. make the bold choice to use this exquisite tile in one of the most stand-out colors to really take your space to the next level.

image credit | nicole hollis


eastern earthenware in night lagoon

this glossy and imperfect rendition of glazed terracotta is sure to be a show-stopper. ever want to have a black tile made in a raku firing? with pools of flowing, iridescent glaze that has been artfully formed and high fired to create the richest shade of black, night lagoon is your answer. once you see the way the dark hue works with all the texture, you'll never think to go back to classic. or rather, this will become your new and improved classic!




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