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cement tile - the clé difference

clé creates one of the finest cement tiles in the world!

this quality still permeates a surface that is muted, varied, matte and silky. cement tile patterns and shapes are already impossible to refuse, but it's the variegated colors that make them one of today's most sought after tiles for both, walls and floors. so what makes clé encaustic cement tiles stand above the rest?

a world-class cement tile starts with the tile artisans.

our cement tile artisans train for up to 15 years to make some of our most complicated tile patterns. they are truly masters at their craft. so why does this matter? it's all in the lines. many cement tiles have choppy lines or color bleeding between lines. see photo below for comparison.

when it comes to cement tile, the quality of the lines matter!

our cement tile artisans are so talented that we have the ability to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of cement mold making to bring you the most intricate and noteworthy cement tile designs. see photo below of our shakespeare cement tile collection. 

not only are our artisans the best, we also seek out talented designers and artists from around the world to design patterns that have never been seen before! if you would like to see more clé exclusive cement tile designs be sure to check out our artist cement tile collection.

the above cement molds from our shakespeare collection are some of the most detailed in the world!

the details matter to us!

we take the extra step of pre-polishing and pre-sealing your cement tile to protect it during shipment and installation.


we want your encaustic cement tile to arrive to you looking as good as when it left our studio. other companies charge up to a 30% fee for the same service.

pre-polishing and pre-sealing protects your tile and creates a very silky surface!

shipping cost/expertise

tile is heavy so shipping tile can be expensive. furthermore, you can't just ship with any trucking company. to alleviate some of the shipping charges to our clients we make sure to pass along our clé discount we get from our shipping company. our shippers are the finest in the U.S but more than that- our own tile shipping experience is over 30 years of expertise.

why does this matter?

because if you've gone through all the work and investment of buying the best you certainly want to insure that the company you work with has been doing this for a long, long time. in our industry, you want to be doing this with people who have been doing this for a long time.


it has become a trend to lower the cost of the product and make up that margin by inflating the shipping cost. we make sure our clients get the lowest shipping cost we can offer. whether you buy tiles from us, or elsewhere, we always encourage our clients to include the shipping charge in the cost when comparing pricing.

you may find that a seemingly cheaper tile will end up costing you the same or more money when the shipping charges are accounted for.

we have over 30 years of shipping experience!

tiles are an heirloom purchase.

if this is your first tile project - you may not realize that the cost of installation is generally the highest portion of your project- not necessarily the cost of the tiles. for new tile clients, they get their quotes and immediately scratch their favorite tiles off their list. this is the opposite approach to a great tile selection that will produce heirloom results. when selecting your tiles - always go with the highest quality in your tile category. investing in a tile installation of questionable quality tiles or tiles or that you don't love is - simply put - a waste of your investment. the cost of installation is generally the same whether your tiles are from a budget retailer or an exclusive tile boutique. those clients that are encouraged to choose the most affordable tiles (and not the perfect tiles for their project) will often be left with the same expensive installation for a tile surface that will not endure the expense of the project.


we, at clé, advocate for our clients by traveling the world to find the finest tiles at the best pricing. we trust that our tile goal is the same as your tile goal... creating tile projects of heirloom quality for the best investment.

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