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design vs. nature - geometric tile patterns

cement tiles have been around europe and asia for over 150 years and are one of the biggest tile trends to reemerge around the world.

beyond their functional attributes, cement tiles really excel from a design perspective. intriguing the design industry, right now, are the magical patterns, shapes and variegated colors that are the hallmark of cement tiles. some of these beloved hallmarks of cement tile are in fact not unique to cement tile. like any inspiration for a piece of art - it is often pulled from naturally occuring patterns, shapes, and color combinations. just as a piece of driftwood found on the beach will never be like another, the natural materials and the handmade artistry of cement tiles make it so that no two tiles are ever alike. AND the spectacular patterning available with cement tiles make them one of the most cost-effective decorative tiles.

cement patterns aren't the only design element inspired by the natural wonders found in nature. the growing use of unusual colors blended is a growing trend. the colors found in cement tile are mineral pigments that are added to the cement mixture.

unlike paint, the mineral pigments used to color cement tiles create a finished product that is wildly varied in color and adds to the natural appeal of the finished product. for instance, wonderful combinations such as pinks, greens and whites, or a gradation of varying blues or gray medleys are now standard fare. it's been extremely rewarding to see people blending the colors they love- instead of letting any specific color trends dictate their selections. it seems that if you can find a color blend in nature- it can look great in your space. with cement tiles being so popular the color palette of this tile collections is amazing inspiration for anyone wishing to explore color right now.

see below for some of our favorite pattern and color combinations that are sure to bring a modern interpretation of nature into your work or living space.

header image - jacobson by erica tanov | fred viljoen

geometric encaustic cement tile inspired by nature
tile w/inspiration images from top left to right | federal blue solid hex, radiate hexes | daniel bergmannpoint cement tile | her name is moon 
hexagon encaustic cement tile medley for floor

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