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monday mention - back to black with domino magazine and erica tanov!

the color black: perhaps one of the most timeless and classic elements of design used across time and space. although it may never go out of style, according to domino magazine's renovation notebook, modern uses of black can be used to streamline surfaces, strike a balance, and coordinate accessories. in their recent article, they feature tips and products for using black.

among domino's favorite dark-hued products is erica tanov's new black and white "jacobson" tile, which is a part of clé's new artist cement series. tanov, a san francisco-based designer, has a background in fashion but her passion for quality design has allowed her to create a wide range of beautiful products - including cement tile. "an avid collector of vintage textiles and books and constantly in awe of nature's offerings, this collection of tiles is inspired by the culmination of these loves. i've reworked original prints from my collection archives, translating them into a group of tile designs", says tanov.  

a big thank you to domino magazine!

thank you for showcasing what we see as the perfect fusion of modern cement tile and the inspired, yet refined, style of erica tanov. we're glad you love it as much as we do! 




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