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monday mention – eastern earthenware in architects + artisans

for this week’s monday mention, we turn to architects + artisans’ recent feature of our newest line, eastern earthenware. the editor sat down with deborah osburn, our founder and creative director, to discuss how her inspired concept for this product was finally brought to fruition. after years in the works, we are overjoyed to announce the launch of this unpretentious yet one-of- a-kind series.

there are so many reasons why eastern earthenware will transform surfaces unlike any other tile in our library. each piece of timeless and moroccan-inspired terracotta has been hand-fired using a raku method and far east sensibilities. the primitive material is hand-formed by skilled artisans and available in dozens of hues to perfectly suit your project needs. with colors like dragon bay, rice husk, koi pod, and fired incense, the inspiration runs as deep as the variegated pigments themselves. some are better for minimal, modern applications while others will exhibit muted imitations of nature; whatever your space, this carefully crafted collection is sure to add depth, character, and charm.

thank you architects + artisans for your in-depth piece showcasing a collection that we are very proud of!


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