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monday mention - surf's up! artist-in-residence luca osburn talks tides with surf'd magazine

just in time for summer, luca osburn’s tides watermark series has been gaining media attention across the country. we wanted to specifically thank surf’d magazine, which recently profiled our artist-in-residence about the ties between his love for surf and his debut as a clé artist.


tides draws inspiration from the california surf scene as well as osburn’s personal passion for the craft of painting. “[surfing] is similar to painting in the sense that you want to draw different lines with a good sense of variety. surfing and the surf culture of california has definitely helped me develop my own style and my artistic eye,” says osburn.

as surf’d magazine notes, functional art is a growing market. being able to create something practical influenced by the magical quality of the ocean has once again blurred the lines between utility tile and inspired art. way to go, luca!


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