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ruan hoffmann revisited with 'much love me'

we consider every tile a work of art, whether it be a piece of hand-chiseled zellige made from clay dried out in the sun or an intricate design hand-poured onto a cement tile, each piece is a testament to an artist of sorts.

with our artist collaborations, we have taken this craft to a new level by juxtaposing age-old traditions with modern art and design. in the case of south african artist, ruan hoffmann, his hand-drawn patterns, irregular forms and wry designs are transposed onto a natural clay body that imbue the ubiquitous tile with a poignancy and fragility that elevates it to an artful form.

we originally launched hoffmann’s limited-series of drawings with 12-inch square lithography on limestone but with this new iteration, hoffmann’s designs are revisited with a line of 6-inch square clay tiles available in three colors: sepia, delft and forest.

the 'much love me' collection is sold as a set of ten tiles - see the collection here.




to see more of the artist's work visit ruan hoffmann. to purchase some of his ceramic vessels check out rwguild.

to learn how this line came to be, read the serendipitous story on our blog, TILE ENVY


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