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monday mention – take us to emerald city! zellige and malachite in living space south africa

a big thank you to south africa’s living space magazine for featuring our zellige and malachite collections in your july issue’s inspiration board! the luxe hue of green is sometimes rare in the design world but when used correctly, it proves to be a flexible color with unlimited styling potential. 

malachite is a clé classic. deborah osburn’s show-stopping pieces are modelled after one of nature’s most beautiful emerald treasures: the tile’s green-banded, crystalline mineral namesake. with swirls of natural formation, this dream surface is actually created by hand-lithographing images onto 12”x12” limestone tiles.

the second tile featured is part of our zellige collection and featured in the color secret lagoon. this exceptional color traverses between light and dark making it the perfect shade to accomplish any style. while still one of our most traditional zelliges, the unique, hand-crafted charm of this deep green antique terracotta is unmistakable.

shop these two tiles or browse any of our other tiles in shades of green! take an inspiration cue from living space magazine and lose yourself in the magnificence of viridescent tiles! 



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