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News — artist tiles

transforming rio, brazil with graffiti - colectivo muda tile

header photo | coletivo muda illicit scribbling on public spaces is still a punishable crime. however, since the the 90′s it has slowly been captivating the world and the world of art where it has eventuated into the pilfering of chunks of urban landscape in order to be sold to the highest bidder....

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timorous beasties art tiles in vogue magazine

thank you! Vogue magazine for launching our latest series of art tiles from timorous beasties,  the talented glasgow design team formed by partners, alistair mcauley and paul simmons. specializing in highly detailed and imaginative designs, timorous beasties new art tile collection for clé is perfect for the most demure or adventurous projects....

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artistic tile from ruan hoffman

when ruan hoffmann and i first became acquainted with one another, it was a wonderful story about synchronicity in the age of the internet. if you aren't aware of it, the internet is truly a spirit weaving its magic through our life strata. ruan and i chatted away, across time zones and...

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monday mention – luxe magazine, hedron cement & a dash of paris panache

what’s black, white, and striped all over? our hedron cement hexagon tiles, obviously! everyone knows how classic and sophisticated stripes are, but this encaustic cement pattern takes the design one step further by adding a modern and parisian twist. these tiles, when woven together, create one of our most dynamic geometric patterns...

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monday mention – luxe magazine sf crazy for clé decorative tiles

a recent press mention in luxe magazine featured two of our favorite new releases: erica tanov’s artist cement tile and our new french reproduction belgian black terracotta. although there is unequivocal value in high-quality utilitarian tiles, sometimes we forget that the right tile can be used equally as statement pieces. clé tiles inhabit the...

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