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News — cement hex

hexagonal tiles - what's with all the buzz?

where does clé believe all the craze is coming from for all things hexagonal? get all the buzz...

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we're vexed by hexes... grey cement tile hexes!

photos | wichmann + bendtsen via dwell a while ago, paola navone created one of the most widely circulated cement tile installations of all time! not even kidding! see images below.  the tiles themselves were an unexpected combination of grey's, AND the use of them carving their way into the heart of...

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did someone say hexagon tiles? inspiration for your next design project

photos | kessara via instagram, judd lysenko marshall hex tile has become one of the most popular tile shapes in recent times. their beloved shape is the perfect compliment to your next commercial design project. in the following q & a, clé founder deborah osburn shines some light on this trend, and shares her thoughts...

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farm fresh... cement tile hexes and squares

photos | pohio adams, aesop boutique by weiss-heiten, header hex tiles by clé green is the new black. or maybe it's just green. but, it's safe to say, it's popping up everywhere and couldn't look more farm fresh... and below, some of my recent pinterest finds that are cruising the web. seems that everyone's...

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colorful saturdays with our deep purple hex medley

image credit from left to right laura berman, deep purple hex medley, giambattista valli fall 2014 via vogue, and "flying" by misal   asdfd

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are encaustic cement tiles right for me?

cement tiles may be new to you, but in other parts of the world they have graced the halls and walls of fine homes and cool cafes to regal hotels and stately institutions. however, most people know very little about these historic tiles. if you’ve been wanting to add cement tiles to...

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