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monday mention – luxe magazine, hedron cement & a dash of paris panache

what’s black, white, and striped all over? our hedron cement hexagon tiles, obviously! everyone knows how classic and sophisticated stripes are, but this encaustic cement pattern takes the design one step further by adding a modern and parisian twist. these tiles, when woven together, create one of our most dynamic geometric patterns...

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like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - part 2

this week we are continuing our celebration of mixing high/lo to give you design inspiration for any project no matter your budget. these mesmerizing pairings of our artists' tile collection mixed with our clé classics are the perfect start to help you create your own dream tile combinations. whether you are creating a space...

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like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - part 1

is it just us, or have you noticed that the entire human race has become really adept with their personal fashion presentation? thanks to fashion savvy folks the streets look far better than the runway! but, let’s face it- how we are dressed represents our first calling card. so naturally, it’s good to...

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get the look... met gala 2016

celebrity photos | getty images via vogue the met gala is always an exciting time for fashion and if you have been following clé you know that we love fashion. so naturally we HAD TO watch the dresses go down the gala runway to inspire fresh color and pattern tile combinations. needless to say, it did not disappoint!   tweet, tweet...

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