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how do we make a difference?

this has been a constant theme at clé. and recently, we’ve been asking ourselves this question, not just in the way we select our products, support our artists, work with our clients and engage with our team mates. but we’ve also been asking ourselves the bigger question- how can we make a...

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grey ombrés and good election vibes

the above header photos showed up in this week's instagram feed from zio & sons lovely new project featuring one of clé's top selling tiles - weathered white zellige. these hand chiseled moroccan tiles draw on a myriad of white shades that verge on grey.  as we all roll into this week's 2016 pre-election and...

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in opposition to trump - good ombrés

donald trump's comment in last night's debate started a flurry of bad "ombré" photos on social media. "we have some bad hombres and we're going to get them out." - trump to put a positive spin on a very negative (and perplexing) comment we have collected our favorite ombré photos for your...

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best of 2016... get out the vote

it’s that time, again, for the BoY 2016 at Interior Design magazine! if you’ve never cast your vote – it’s quick. it’s easy. and it’s really just fun to see the cross-section of so many new and lovely interior design surfaces, objects, furnishings etc. this year clé submitted tiles in three categories – chinoiserie and...

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terracotta 101: everything you need to know about this timeless classic

have you settled on our our unique antique terracotta tiles for your project but are just unsure about how to get the installation just right? these unglazed, non-vitreous terracotta tiles, which are hand-formed and fired, are much different than cement so the installation is quite different. below is some basic information to...

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are encaustic cement tiles right for me?

cement tiles may be new to you, but in other parts of the world they have graced the halls and walls of fine homes and cool cafes to regal hotels and stately institutions. however, most people know very little about these historic tiles. if you’ve been wanting to add cement tiles to...

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