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terracotta tiles...a re-emergence

clé has a long-held devotion for tiles of terracotta origin.

a humble clay, traditional terracotta requires few alterations and in its best form goes almost straight from the earth into the kiln. clé began selling terracotta from its inception with the introduction of ZELLIGE, the traditional, glazed moroccan classic, swiftly followed by EASTERN EARTHENWARE, a raku-fired, glazed terracotta with more of an asian sensibility, then last year we introduced french ANTIQUE TERRACOTTA replete with a well-worn patina.

that said, if all this talk of terracotta makes you shudder from memories of the tuscan farmhouse trend in the early 2000s, rest assured, these latest forms of terracotta bear little resemblance to the gated-community, rusty-orange hybrid of uninspired production. equally uninspiring were the dime-a-dozen Saltillo tiles found in many a restaurant during that same time frame.

this new wave of terracotta is decidedly different in that it honors the traditional forms of terracotta production by using it as a canvas for more artistic tile endeavors, paying homage to the imperfections and authenticity of the rustic clay.

with this new direction in mind, we launched BELGIAN REPRODUCTION earlier this year, a collection that became instantly celebrated with a wood-fired, thick-bodied terracotta that emanates a substantial presence even after installation.

our latest addition is the ARCHITECT’S PALETTE, a collection of four silky-matte glazes in neutral shades. this new terracotta continues the theme of modern by-way-of traditional with well-considered glazes that maintain a grounding from the hand formed terracotta clay beneath

and there is more to come...if these collections aren’t enough to ignite your own new passion for terracotta tiles, clé has another bold and significant collection coming this fall that will make your heart skip and your love of tile take on a whole new vibe.

stay tuned for this new clé terracotta collection or as we are dubbing it: THE NEW ERA OF COTTO.