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modern farmhouse brick

so long, subway tile, hello modern farmhouse brick

“just as dinnerware has moved from being smooth and shiny to a more textured ceramic surface, so goes the subway tile. here's to more textured surfaces in the home…”

– Sarah Lonsdale, creative director, clé




it’s amazing, but true…the long, long reign of the standard, everyday subway tile is still going strong. we get it! simply put, it’s a very good look. additionally, it’s white - so hey, it goes with just about everything.




but, since we’re the tile people that you’ve come to know as “those people that predict tile trends”, clé has a big one for you.

there’s a subway tile evolution taking place.

yup! it’s full on. we’re on the verge of subway tiles that are a tad more extraordinary.

and just as Sarah stated, one way that subway tile is evolving is with the help of a bit more texture thanks to the likes of glazed brick. and although we have long been known for our glazed brick tiles, our latest rendition is a reboot of our wildly popular farmhouse brick- but with a modern twist. more mildly distressed with less color variation than the original, modern farmhouse brick gets its contemporary bump from its longer length- a full 9.5” vs the prior 8”.




and for those of you looking for a more economically-conscious glazed brick tile, modern farmhouse brick will fit nearly every budget. we know that not every room in the house has the pleasure of showing off your highest design sensibilities. but that doesn’t mean that a more affordable tile cladding need be lacking in elan.


clé tile-Modern Farmhouse Brick, the new subway tile


it has been a pleasure designing a white tile that we know would benefit from a mid-century vibe and a hearty rustic glaze. perfectly positioned to grace projects of any budget and any style, modern farmhouse brick is our new “hello” to subway tile.


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