the clé 2022 super sale: tips for getting more for less.

by clé tile | published: Jun 30, 2022

we don’t have sales very often, and we certainly don’t have a sale this good very often. in fact, it’s unprecedented.

just how good is the clé super sale?

25% off an unprecedentedly broad selection of tile (including select zellige, fornace brioni, clé guild, cement favorites, and even new products) PLUS free shipping on orders of sale items over $950. 

we thought our clients deserve (actually, need) a break, particularly when everyone’s raising prices. and this allows us to do what we love: make the world a more beautiful, characterful place—starting with tile.

it’s your chance to get more for less, or reach up for that tile you didn’t think was in your budget. 

here’s how to make the most of the sale. 

  1. know what you need in terms of square footage. it’s always best to OVER-estimate your needs. add-on orders (in addition to being more expensive) rarely work out, due to the variation inherent in handcrafted tile. read more about the perils of add-on orders.
  2. see something you like?  be clear how you plan to use the tile (e.g. where, how much wear will it take, whether it will be exposed to freeze-thaw conditions, etc.) then do your homework. for example, are you interested in zellige? then read the resources you’ll see on each product page to make sure it’s the tile for you, that it’s right for the use you have in mind, and that you understand and budget for what it takes to install and maintain it. also check out our clé notes blog posts on zellige, cement, terracotta, grout, and more. 
  3. have a look at our sale page once the sale starts at 12:01 am ET on July 5, 2022
  4. get inspired: take a look below at some of our favorite pairings that will be included in the sale.
  5. don’t dawdle. we have limited quantities, and when it’s sold out, it’s sold out. and remember our sale ends 11:59 pm PT on July 7, 2022
  6. read the fine print. carefully. and remember, all sales our final.

our final tip: make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter. if you had signed up in advance, you would have received an email previewing the tile on sale so you could start to do some planning even before the sale starts! it may be too late for this sale, but we’re guessing there may be another one sometime in our collective futures.

here are some inspired pairings: get ’em while you can!

marrakech mixer
add some zest to your space with fallen citrus and moroccan 2 petite arabesque

miami modern
get creative with turquoise zellige for the wall and diamond twist cement for the floor

moroccan melange
pair a classic cerulean zellige wall with a cement floor in moroccan one andalucia for a cool vibe

neutral lover
a clé guild kombu floor meets its unexpected mate: riverbed zellige for the wall

roma à la mode
mix two classics with blue jade zellige on the wall, and cubicon slant cement on the floor

mallorca modern
how about pairing trama in bianco on the floor with listello planks in paglierino on the wall?

malibu vibes
chill yourself out with our malibu bundle and cement metal 2 x 8 tile

milan vestibule
how about casablanca star cross pavimenti in red clay on the floor and wool terrazzo on the walls? timeless and elegant.

summer blues
live in perpetual summer with this ocean-going vibe: coletivo muda central pattern with pond cement

milano mix
design with texture: pair mantegna rosato on the wall with coletivo muda lagoa

classic medley
how’s this for an inspired pairing of classics? try angle line on the floor with modern farmhouse brick bottle green gloss