dolci terrazzo: how to find your sweet spot

by clé tile | published: Aug 31, 2022

dolci terrazzo—part of the cinema collection and the new era of cement tile—features chunky, bite-sized pieces of deliciously-colored stone set in cement. dolci is bold, vibrant, playful, and quintessentially italian. 

it joins forage terrazzo—our long-standing collection of classic mid-century american terrazzo—and comes in four different variations and eight different base colors. in other words, there’s a dolci terrazzo to appeal to every palette. 

but with over 32 choices, where do you begin?

what’s your dolci of choice?

here’s a snapshot: 

dolci torrone I is bold and graphic 
docil torrone II is a classic terrazzo  
dolci torrone III is a full-on mix of both classic and bold 
dolci torrone IV is a for those looking for something earthy but is a little bolder than our classic forage.

breaking it down, there are three main components at play: the color of the cement base, the color of stones, and then the size of the stones. 

dolci terrazzo differences in detail

dolci torrone I features mostly black stones in various sizes, giving the terrazzo an undeniably graphic look. think modern memphis

dolci torrone II features a mix of stones that range from white to pink to grey, for a classic, contemporary terrazzo look

dolci torrone III features our most colorful mix of stones in confetti tones of sand, pink to dark grey.

dolci torrone IV’s brown and white stones give this terrazzo a bold but earthy feel. 

if you’d like to enhance dolci terrazzo or use it as a point of departure for your entire design, consider pairing it with its corresponding cement color from our latest collection. here’s a pairing chart:

dolci terrazzo versus forage terrazzo—what’s the difference?

with the addition of dolci terrazzo, clé offers two terrazzos with very different characters. 

forage terrazzo charcoal rectangle 12×24. design: kate smith design / photo: XOme studio

forage terrazzo is rooted in the woodsy earth tones of northern america. quiet and subtle, it’s a classic terrazzo for mid-century minimal and modern design.

dolci terrazzo, on the other hand, is more of a maximalist’s terrazzo (or for a minimalist looking to introduce color and pattern into their world). historic, cinematic, and bold, dolci terrazzo is part of our cinema collection–—the next era of cement tile. cinema collection takes a more maximalist approach to color, and this bolder, more vibrant, and animated terrazzo fits perfectly into that vibe, marrying a range of stones (larger than you’ll find in quieter forage terrazzo) with our signature handcrafted cement tile and its silky-matte feel and nuanced, variegated tones.

dolci, through and through

dolci terrazzo is a high-quality through-body cement: the stones and color go all the way through—the color and stones aren’t just surface elements. in addition to making this a more substantial, hard-wearing material, this also has design benefits: its edge can be exposed (if polished or honed and of course sealed) and that can be refinished as necessary, making dolci terrazzo a tile—literally—for the ages.