Make The Most of Free Shipping This Cyber Monday

by clé tile | published: Nov 27, 2020

For clé followers, it’s finally time for our most anticipated day of the year: the clé Cyber Monday event. And this year, in addition to free shipping, we are offering additional savings on our coveted second shelf tiles. 


It’s no secret that tiles are heavy, and shipping can be expensive. Free shipping on all purchases over $950* offers a great opportunity to maximize savings by adding a second tile to reach the free shipping threshold. After all, the more you buy the more you save.


If you love patterned tile but worry it might overwhelm the space, consider pairing it with a solid tile for a cohesive room full of texture. Or, you may want to create a pattern with solid tiles (think: stripes, color blocking or trendy checkerboard). Below are some suggestions worth considering as you prepare to save a ton on shipping this year:

Perennially popular London Apothecary (top) is a cement tile that delivers an authentic old-world charm with an updated take on those old English storefronts. The neutral color palette of grey, black and white offers endless pairing options, but we suggest two traditional looks that are ideal for everything from backsplashes to showers. 


clé picks: Classic Penny Rounds in gloss black (lower left) affordably add to the timeless feel (with a bonus design option for matching or contrasting colored grout), while our Modern Farmhouse Brick (lower right) offers traditional brick styling but amps up the glossy glamour a few notches, elevating the whole space.

Classic Carrara marble (top) has been a design staple for centuries, offering instant and affordable elegance. On its own, the clean look of Carrara evokes a quiet simplicity; however, to add interest and achieve a less austere look, we suggest two cement tiles that will make your modern marble marvelous.


clé picks: for a burst of color, our vibrantly verdant Kelly Solid Squares (lower left) offer a balance between the classic and the modern. To make a bolder statement, our Point in Kelly + Leaf (lower right) gives a similar pop of color, but pairs beautifully with the white in Carrara. The possibilities for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and even living rooms are endless.

We love Strata Linea (top) for its beauty and its origin story. This collection of reclaimed and repurposed stone planks features ten different stone varieties in multiple neutral shades of creams, greys and pinks, setting the stage for unlimited pairing potential. Already an elegant and sophisticated choice, pairing it presents many ways to optimize its impact.

clé picks: An everyday tile like white Penny Rounds (lower left) offers a clean, utilitarian style that will never detract from these planks as the star of the show; a great choice for a shower in a bathroom clad in Strata Linea. However, for a truly inspired and artfully elevated installation, consider Fornace Brioni Acanti in Cotto Rosato (lower right). Together, they are a master class in texture and dimension.

With a few twists and turns, our hexagon cement Radar in Federal Blue (top) offers the ability to create endless modern designs, from the whimsical to the orderly. If you are worried about the busy factor of its laser-like pattern in your space, pairing with a white tile is a great way to let the pattern pop on a somewhat smaller scale.


clé picks: To let this tile be an attention-grabber, pair it with a simple – but timeless – everyday basic like White Subway Tiles (in 4×8, below left), perhaps for a bathroom and shower. To take your tile to new heights, Fornace Brioni Rocaille in White (lower right) offers an artistic and dimensional pairing with no shortage of linear interest. Consider this pairing for a cosmopolitan kitchen, wet bar or hospitality space.

Our Los Feliz (top) cement tile is an iconic pattern that continues to fill any space with an unerring and classic sense of style. It’s sophisticated, yet surprisingly full of charm, and as a result of its traditional black and white colors, pairs beautifully with a wide range of tile. 


clé picks: For a European look with lots of texture and interest, try Los Feliz with a thin brick like our Foundry Flats in Carbon (lower left). For a more detailed design, consider adding a solid white cement (4×8 shown, lower right), and making a border or an alternating pattern, utilizing the same 8” width to full advantage. Kitchens and patios everywhere would applaud these pairings.


So many options yet so little time. The clé Cyber Monday Event is one day only: Monday, November 30.
Begins at 12am EST; ends 11:59pm PST.


* restrictions apply. see terms + conditions