the clé super sale: what could free shipping save you?

by clé tile | published: Jun 30, 2022

our july 2022 super sale (which runs from july 5 to july 7 2022) is a big deal with a 25% discount on an unprecedented range of select tile. 

but it’s an even bigger deal because there’s free shipping on orders of sale items over $950.

cement rectangle 2×8 in metal; design/photo: erin heimstra
cement square in industrial milan; design: suzanna santostefano design / photo: andrea calo

why free shipping is a big deal

if you haven’t ordered tile before, you may think this isn’t a big deal. but if you have ordered before, you may have been surprised that the cost of shipping may exceed the cost of the tile. it can happen on small orders. and it can happen when the tile comes at lower price points.

why is shipping so expensive? 

simply put: tile is heavy—a lot heavier than most of the items we purchase with free shipping. we’re not shipping shoes, afterall! 

and keep in mind that free isn’t really free: when companies offer you free shipping, they’re still burying the costs somewhere else. and you often end up paying for that “free” shipping—you just don’t know that you are. (learn more here.)

cement square in cross; design: tyler elizabeth karu / photo: erin little

how much can free shipping save you? 

shipping costs depend on how much tile you purchase. it also depends on which tile you’re purchasing: some tile, like cement, for example, is significantly heavier than others.

in general, though, you can expect to save several hundred dollars. 

that’s some good savings. and when it comes on top of 25% off…it’s even better. 

so get in on a very good thing…and shop the clé super sale. a deal like this doesn’t come around too often.