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by clé tile | published: May 20, 2021

When we think of tile, it is often in hues we associate with ceramics—from warm earth tones to vibrant glimmering glazes and designs with endless pattern potential. But if you’re planning a tile project, odds are good you’re considering white.

White tile is a perennial favorite of homeowners and designers alike for its clean, fresh look, the way it expands and brightens spaces, and the effortless way it coordinates with surroundings, furnishings and fixtures. Timeless and versatile, white tile is often seen as a canvas for creativity, rather than a creative choice in and of itself. 

clé is changing all that.  

A New Way to Look At White

At clé we have one of the largest collections of white tile available for every type of project, from the basic to the other-wordly. Assembling such an expansive collection  comes naturally for a team passionate about surfaces.

To us, “white” means something different with every material, on every surface and in every light. We’re admittedly a little obsessed. But we are particularly proud of our latest curation of white tiles  — an assortment so comprehensive in style and application, we call it Whiteworks. 


Beyond Subway Tile

In America, white tile’s dominance can be traced back to a desire for easy-to-clean, hygienic surfaces in subways, hospitals, restaurants and, eventually, homes. Over time, we’ve come to associate white tile—and subway tile in particular—with a clean, classic, traditional look. As a budget friendly staple, we love our white subway tile, and are constantly finding new ways to use it.

But we believe in embracing white in all its expressions, from its most subtle nuances to its ability to offer a bold, graphic punch. 

(above) photo: David C. Miller for Architectural Digest

From the rustic matte finish of our Modern Farmhouse Brick to the luminous shimmer of Sea Salt Zellige, from the artisan-crafted marbling of Fornace Brioni’s Tavella to the natural veining of honed Carrara marble, we celebrate white tile in all its glorious variety. Whiteworks is our way of framing a new perspective, beginning with classic white subway tiles but ranging far beyond, to unexpected shapes and sizes, glazes and textures that absorb and reflect light, subtle patterns and even flecks of color.

And it’s our hope that our own exploration can lead to a rethinking of white tile for you, too.  If you are wanting to use this traditional tile color, but, like clé, are looking for something extraordinary and fresh, we hope our Whiteworks curation  will allow you to consider tile in myriad new forms, textures and even varying hues of white.

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Take a Deep Dive

Over the next few posts, we’ll take a closer look at what white means to clé, and how it can work for you in any and every room in your home (and outdoor spaces, too). So join us in exploring the world of white tile and stay tuned for additions to Whiteworks as the year unfolds.  



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