cement tile - encaustic - coletivo muda

coletivo muda sees the city as a laboratory for transformation. muda (as in its portuguese meaning) comes from “change." associated to street art, their interventions, in fact, alter the nature of rio de janeiro, where public spaces, all over town, now serve as a stage for their diverse manifestations.

from a strong connection to graffitti and the city, the group formed in 2010 by designers bruna vieira and joão tolentino, and architects diego uribbe, duke capellão and rodrigo kalache, started their experiments interfacing with public spaces, which in short time became complex and pragmatic installations.

in this way, muda trys to interrupt people's routine and the city itself, contributing to enlighten, forgotten, unvalued spaces by making them more relevant and colorful.

facing the challenge of using a new medium (cement tile), muda brought their specific street dynamic to a different approach.

muda's cement tile line is a testament to their passion for encouraging all to create your own unique space.

cement tile - encaustic - coletivo muda