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  • erica tanov - baccio pattern a 8"x8"x5/8" made to order
  • erica tanov - baccio pattern a 8"x8"x5/8" made to order
  • erica tanov - baccio pattern a 8"x8"x5/8" made to order

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overage industry standard suggests adding at least 15% overage due to tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs.


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* this product makes up 2.25 pieces per square feet and comes in 12 pieces per box

subtle. soft. beautiful. clean. pure.

there is a thread that runs through all that san francisco artist erica tanov does, whether it's her women's wear collection, her home wear collection, or the serenity she creates in her stores. it has to do with a sense of well being.

"an avid collector of vintage textiles and books and constantly in awe of nature’s offerings, this collection of tiles is inspired by the culmination of these loves. i’ve reworked original prints from my clothing and homeware collection archives, translating them into a group of tile designs."

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about this collection

here is our modern take on a historic tile that, over the past 150 years, has been referred to by dozens of names including encaustic cement tiles, cement tiles, concrete tiles, hydraulicos, cuban tiles, and so on. these alluring tiles have stood the test of time and have echoed their beauty across many continents.

clé creates one of the finest cement tiles in the world, and this quality still permeates a surface which is muted, varied, matte and silky. cement tile patterns and shapes are already impossible to refuse, but it's the variegated colors that make them one of today's most sought after tiles for, both, walls and floors, as well as, indoors and out.


what are encaustic cement tiles?
clé celebrates this historic cement tile with our own modern take on a 150 year old tile crafting legacy. each encaustic cement tile is painstakingly hand crafted, one tile at a time, to create solid or patterned tiles formed from pigmented cement. the tiles are not fired in a kiln, but are cured in water for a lasting cement surface that is as stunning in its finish as it is good for the environment.

are you intrigued by these hand crafted inconsistencies?
clé 100% guarantees that no two encaustic cement tiles will be alike. in fact, it is all these imperfections that designers find so captivating. HOWEVER, should your design tendencies not lean toward imperfection, then encaustic cement tiles are not for you!
and please enjoy our clé exclusive finish...your clé cement tiles will arrive pre-sealed and pre-polished to assist in the shipping and first steps of your tile installation.

what does it mean to have cement tiles pre-polished and pre-sealed?
other cement tiles do not have the benefit of a pre-polish and pre-seal finish. this finish is typically a 30% additional fee.
however, clé provides this finish complementary with all our cement tile orders. this means that all of our cement tiles arrive with the cement surface "tooth" polished away. this allows the tiles to resist surface dirt and helps to begin their inherent patina, right away.

the polishing is completed with a light penetrating sealer that allows the tiles to ship without the abrasion issues that are prevalent when shipping pigmented tiles. this sealant also assists through the first stages of installation (setting and pre-grouting). we keep the sealant light so that it doesn't act as a bond barrier for the setting material. this is why we require additional sealant prior to grouting (to help prevent grout staining).
therefore- please be sure to seal your tiles prior to grouting- and then again, after grouting and cleaning the final installation. *see sealing information below.

i've heard that cement tiles can be difficult to care for. how do i know if cement tiles are suitable for my project?
cement tiles have been gracing prestigious architectural projects around the world for a very long while. however, they are new to the U.S. and Canadian markets. due to this, clients in these regions are not accustomed to these tiles that have a natural unglazed finish and will undergo an inherent patina. (*click here for our patina guide)
if you are using tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, restaurants and lobbies (all high-traffic areas) even after sealing cement tiles- you should expect a degree of patina as your tiles slowly acclimate to their location. if you are not familiar with unglazed surfaces that will age with time (such as limestones, terracottas, marbles etc) and are not a fan of patina, then you may want to select another tile.

how much variation should i expect?
if you are expecting perfect tiles- then cement tiles may not be for you. cement tiles are created from cement and natural pigments. this, alone, creates tiles of extreme variation of color, pattern, shade and size. additionally, each tile is made by hand- one tile at a time. if your project requires beautiful hand made variation that is perfectly imperfect, then cement tiles will be good for your project.

where can i use cement tiles?
please see the "usage" section.


how does the tile ship?
clé tiles ship on pallets via ground.

restrictions and exclusions
High-zone delivery areas - fees vary depending on zone
Shipping to an island or peninsula
Inside delivery, white glove service - add $175 per pallet.


why do you suggest i order 10% to 15% more than my measurements?
there is always the potential of breakage during moving and shipping tiles (2% to 3%). also, you should always have additional tiles for making tile cuts during your installation, and to store for possible future repair needs.

what are the minimum order requirements?
square feet

when can i expect my order?

can i cancel my order?
you have 3 hours to cancel your order. artists' and on sale tiles are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

are there trade discounts?
yes, please refer to our "TRADE PROGRAM" page.


Why are you having a sale?  
We are moving locations, and want to reduce inventory before our move!

What products are on sale?
Many of our cement patterns and solid colors are on sale

How long will the sale last?  
“While supplies last” – we anticipate this stock moving quickly.

What is the sale price?  
Select patterns and colorways are 30% off

Can I apply my trade discount to the sale?  
Yes, it will be an additional 10% off, and your discount codes will work like normal.  

Can I order samples of a sale tile?  
Yes! We want you to ensure you love the tile, please order a sample on line and we’ll get it out to you.

What if I like the pattern but want a different color?  
The sale applies only to the tile that is in-stock, and only while supplies last.

There is only 60 pieces left of the pattern I want, and I need 120 pieces:  The sale only applies to the tile that is in stock and only while stock lasts.  There are challenges with ordering more tile from a different lot and we do not recommend it.  If your project requires more please reach out to us at contact@cletile.com with your project needs.

What products are on sale?
At this time, only select cement patterns and colors are on sale.

I see you offer patchwork – can I select my own patterns?  
Our patchwork is put together in house and cannot be substituted for other patterns.  

I received my tile and it won’t work, what’s the return policy?  
For sale items, all sales are final and we do not offer returns or exchanges.  Please order a sample to ensure you love it.

Can you hold this tile until I receive my sample?  
We cannot hold stock, items are sold on a first-come first-serve basis, but we will get your samples out as quickly as possible.


floor, wall, kitchen, backsplash, shower floor, shower wall, freeze/thaw, fireplace surround, exterior wall, exterior floor, hospitality, commercial, residential