liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt

liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt
liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt
liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt
liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt
liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt

liberty brick 2.5"x8"x3/8" roosevelt

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roosevelt: an elusive, rich fire engine red with warm tones

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drawing on the modern feel of the roaring twenties and an era of urbanization, this hard-working, thin-glazed brick is a standard, masonry brick size, preferred by architects for its modular ease of use. our liberty collection color palette includes matte black, deep shimmering blues, a rich moody green, and a reflective gold and iron shade. each coat of glaze reveals the texture of the brick giving it both glamour and heft. liberty collection is ideal for a multitude of applications, both inside and out. if you are looking for a statement- liberty offers a robust elegance for your vertical tile applications such as - kitchen backsplash, shower, fireplace surround, feature wall, powder room, entry hall, and more.


How much variation should I expect?

With the Liberty Glazed Brick Tile collection you will see a slight textural variation with standard color variation in the glaze. The tiles fall under the definition of V2 and T2 in our Tile Variation Guide, which states:

Color Variation

V2 - Slight Variation: There can be slight visible differences in the colors of the tiles, but generally as a whole, the tiles grouped in any installation will present a uniform look.

Texture Variation

T2 - Light Texture: Production will result in slight physical variation in the surfaces of the tiles.  overall there will be uniformity upon installation.

Can I order a customized size or color?

We do not currently offer customization for Liberty Glazed Brick but inquiries are accepted.

What colors do you stock?

We currently stock Liberty Glazed Brick Tile in the following shades: “Bergen”, “Crosby”, “Grand”, “Baltic”, “Atlantic” (matte), “Greenwich”, “Lennox” (matte), “Chatham” (matte) and “Mercer” (matte).

What shapes do you offer?

We offer a nominal 2.5”x8”x ⅜” rectangle

What is the thickness of Liberty Glazed Brick Tile ?

The thickness is a nominal 3/8”

How much is a sample?|

Liberty Glazed Brick Tile samples are $3 each.  

How long does it take to get my tiles?

At this time, orders for Liberty Glazed Brick Tile will ship within 6-8 weeks. In-stock orders will ship within 10 business days. Out of stock orders may take up to 12 weeks to ship.

Where do you recommend installing Liberty Glazed Brick Tile?

Liberty Glazed Brick Tile is great for almost any application and downright perfect for commercial, hospitality and residential settings. Interior and exterior* walls (vertical and horizontal surfaces).  Wet spaces like shower walls, and kitchen backsplashes. Fireplace faces and hearths, however they cannot be used inside the fireplace box. We do not recommend these tiles for flooring.

What color grout should I use?

We recommend Mapei’s Ultracolor Plus FA. clé has recommended specific glaze colors for and they are located on each Liberty Glazed Brick Tile’s product page. However, color selection is always up to our client or their design professional. You may use lighter or darker grout colors based on your project’s needs.  

What size grout joint should I use?

We recommend a ⅜” grout joint which allows for 6 tiles per square foot. Smaller grout joints can be used but are not recommended. Should your project require a smaller joint, additional tiles will need to be ordered.

Do I need to seal Liberty Glazed Brick Tiles?

For the majority of applications, Liberty Glazed Brick Tile doesn’t need to be sealed, however, for backsplashes and outdoor installations many clients prefer to seal the grout joints for easier cleaning.


Commercial, hospitality and residential settings, interior and exterior walls (vertical and horizontal surfaces), showers, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and hearths (cannot be installed inside the fireplace box). Floor use should be limited to light residential traffic and requires proper substrate support and limited shoe traffic on gloss glazes.