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grey cotto Ø1

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a maison clé tile

maison clé are our exclusive tile offerings featuring collaborations with artists from across the globe and we very much consider these pieces works of art. much like art they require skillful installation.

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authentic terracotta planks

elevate your design with earthy sophistication

listellos strike that difficult-to-get-quite-right chord of ancient and modern, making these tiles ideal for adding character to a rustic environment or texture to a modern setting. part of our fornace brioni + cristina celestino collection of authentic italian cotto (terracotta), listellos have an exquisitely earthy texture that looks timeworn and effortless while their elongated plank form means that they feel instantly modern and refined. it's all about how you choose to use them.

grey cotto ø1 is a cool basaltic grey that accentuates the rich, textured variation of traditionally hand-formed cotto.

why we love this collection

we have always loved terracotta for its history and durability, evolving in design but always staying true to itself. cristina celestino says it best: "i started off by looking back at the history of this material, with the idea of moving it away from its historic rustic application and towards its more contemporary context. i realized that this material had a great deal of unexplored potential, so while traditional production techniques were still necessary, it was possible to experiment more on the design side." in particular, we love the way celestino delves into the richness of italy's historical legacy of art and design, teasing out stories, motifs, and themes, bringing them to life with freshness, a knowing humor, and a modern edge.

our italian love affair with fornace brioni

if you, like all of us at clé, love tile, then it’s impossible to not have a passion for the material of the first tile makers: terracotta. the color of baked earth (the literal translation), terracotta is considered an evergreen material in the design world; always granting a project integrity and authenticity. when we were introduced to fornace brioni, we knew we had found our ideal partner for terracotta tiles. using clay from their land in northern italy, this generations-old terracotta-crafting family infuses their wares with the design enthusiasm of one of the hottest designers of her era, cristina celestino, to produce the new era of cotto. it’s impossible to not fall under the spell of this earthy material summoned to its highest form.

product specifications

technical specifications

non freeze thaw resistant icon

non freeze thaw resistant

radiant heating compatible icon

radiant heating compatible

uv resistant icon

uv resistant

heat resistant icon

heat resistant

stove backsplash icon

stove backsplash

sink backsplash icon

sink backsplash

exterior floor icon

exterior floor

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interior floor

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heavy residential

light commercial icon

light commercial

interior wall icon

interior wall

exterior wall icon

exterior wall

fireplace surround icon

fireplace surround

shower floor + wall icon

shower floor + wall

* see material guidelines guide for specific requirements

surface type

finish type

level 3: medium

level 3: medium

level 3: heavy

level 1: will occur

level 1: will occur

level 1: will occur

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water absorption
avg. 26.4%; non-vitreous

the textured, unglazed surface can provide slip resistance

Pieces per sqft
5 pcs/sqft

Weight per sqft
4.4 lbs

Pieces per box
56 pcs/box

calculated using clé's recommended grout joint size of 1/4"

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