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a clé classics tile

clé classics are our affordable staples and are a great tile for first time home buyers, those on a budget or those looking for a high-low look. we like to refer to them as the ‘jeans and t-shirt’ of tiles.

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the perenially popular penny round

an affordable classic that can completely transform your design

we treasure penny rounds for their whimsical shape and their contribution to spaces in need of a fine, even texture. in addition, mosaic-sized tiles can offer the added functionality of providing more friction to surfaces that need it (e.g. wet floors, swimming pools etc.) and can also be easily molded around curbs and rounded surfaces. we offer penny round tiles in black gloss, black matte, white gloss and white matte glazes. they are sheet mounted for ease of installation.

why we love penny rounds

at clé, penny round tiles remind us of penny loafers; a classic icon that evokes a modern sensibility. ultra-versatile penny rounds are perfect for any project, whether you want to add a touch of vintage to a modern interior, or deliver a neoteric jolt to a traditional one. penny rounds’ mad match-up of flair and function and affordability make these tiny tiles an easy pick for clé classics, our collection of essentials dedicated to procuring high style at budget-friendly prices.

start with the basics

penny rounds are a mosaic tile: one that is smaller than 2” in size. although porcelain mosaics started their popularity with square and hexagonal shapes, for clé, penny rounds hold a space that offers a modern twist to a very traditional tile. mosaic tiles can be made of any tile material (stone, porcelain, metal, glass, etc.) but have had their most prominent and long-lasting existence in porcelain, the most durable ceramic form.

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interior floor

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interior wall

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exterior wall

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fireplace surround

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shower floor + wall

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steam shower floor + wall

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